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Les Jardins de la Source offers excellent facilities which are shared amongst a handful of residents and day clients.

The 5 metre wide south facing sun terrace and 10 metre swimming pool (opened between 1 may to 30 september) offer a chance to relax at any time of day, while the shaded parts of the garden offer you the chance to shelter from the sun.

Hydrotherapy is at the base of every water treatment holiday. Covering a range of exercises and treatments with water and in water, this discipline is fundamental, as much for health as for simple well-being. Back on dry land, physiotherapy and beauty treatments make their own contributions to our suggested programme for well being – both physical and psychological. The treatments we offer are listed below, please click each for more information.

Unlike many of the large thalassos, thermes or other spas, we don’t force a set number of treatments on you each day – whether you want them or not – for an all-in package price. You have the choice of being charged for each treatment you receive separately over the course of your stay or of pre-booking a package of treatments and accommodation which, of course, offers considerable discounts.

The Treatments:

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